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Sophistication and service in a prime shopping location.

Transport to another time and place from the heart of Milan.

Classical elegance in Milan’s prestigious fashion district

With a buzzing garden and beautifully executed food in the heart of Milan.

Unforgettably quirky fairy tale interior with five-star comforts.

Take comfort in a sanctuary of luxury in one of Italy's sleekest shopping districts.

All the charm of an ancient Milanese "house" with plenty of old fashioned personality.

The very best of Milanese hospitality with a large private garden and indoor pool.

If a good location is a place that gives you easy access to do one thing, then an ideal location, such as Hotel de la Ville Monza, is a prime locale that enables you to do things that just come to mind.

Spectacular converted perfume factory in the heart of ultra cool Zona Tortona.