Best Restaurant’s Restrooms in Milan Featured

Because the experiences at these restaurants in Milan go beyond food.

by Giovanni Angelucci

How many times does the restroom in a restaurant draw your attention? If Milan is a city characterized by creativity, where anything is possible, it is no doubt that even the restrooms of restaurants can captivate your attention sometimes. Over-the-top, colorful and eye-catching, when we enter these places we get excited even with the simple idea of freshening up between meal courses. So here is a selection for you:


This restaurant is the epitome of Peruvian cuisine in Milan. An exclusive place designed for a city: in the heart of [the] Brera [neighborhood], in Via della Moscova, it combines Milanese elegance with a pinch of glamour and lots of flavor. Not without reason is it called “Pacifico”. Dining in this restaurant will make you feel as though you were dining deep down in the ocean. Credit goes to the interior designer Marsica Fossati, who managed to create a perfectly new idea for the atmosphere. Her choices will take you inside a ship plying the waters of the Pacific until you enter the bathroom: it is extremely appealing. Pictures can be taken. The waves, the clear light which is juxtaposed to the rest of the room leading to the outside...makes it seem as if you were on the balcony of your cabin, in close contact with the sea, feeling the movement of waves. The floor is made of cement tiles, the zig-zag waves on the wallpaper, the sink’s marble which evokes the bar counter, brass, tiles, the ceiling mirror where you get lost as if there was no beginning, no end and so much more...“What amuses me the most is that everything was created in three hours”. That’s exactly what happens when a feeling is strong in the soul.

Pacifico1©Nicolò Lanfranchi

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A corner of Vietnam, where not only the food but the environment captures the essence and tradition of the Asian country: the exotic green Kenzie and banana trees, the works of Vietnamese artist Do Ngoc Diep, the colonial touch of ceiling fans and French tapestries, all recreate a truly Vietnamese corner in the heart of Milan. The restaurant with an "Indochina style" enkindles the perfect atmosphere in which you can take a pleasant leap into the past. Open the doors to Saigon’s restroom and start wandering with your mind: vintage 1920s wallpaper, wooden floors crafted by Carlo Apollo (API Line, Antichi Pavimenti Italiani), a white veined marble sink with gold-finished faucets, all contribute to the colonial atmosphere. A gem that will brighten your break by making it a unique experience - beautifully wrapped in floral French tapestry.

saigon©Nicolò Lanfranchi

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Welcome to Thailand. At Bussarakham interiors are meticulously kept in a friendly atmosphere seasoned with exotic cuisine. A dainty spot which gets its name from a topaz (in Thai language), its splendor can be credited to the owner’s good taste. Mr. Yap and the architect Carlo Samarati were inspired by the quintessential Southeast Asian design. The restaurant’s main room is completely lined with dark wood, there are floor seats and wonderful Indian teak wood which is over 180 years old that Mr.Yap bought and brought to Milan. What is absolutely worthwhile however are the exemplarily elegant, sumptuous bathrooms: in the restroom you will find a fountain depicting Buddha, a handmade wooden mirror, on its walls a mosaic entwined with gold details. This restroom hosts bright decorations and an exaltation of distant Thailand: from the reconstruction of a typical pitched roof to the dressing room with a sofa. The curtains and plants almost make it feel like you are relaxing in an outdoor patio.

bussaarakham©Tommaso Lisca

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