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Quality Food Made Accessible in Milan Featured

When quality becomes accessible.

by Lavinia Pisani

In a world where people never seem to get enough of anything, the urge for affordable quality becomes a necessity. With the fashion weeks around the world coming to a closure, and considering a few political messages that designers, like Vivienne Westwood or Prada, have stylishly shouted out from catwalks, it is clear we should all be adopting a more sustainable approach toward everything in life.

From fashion to lifestyle and food, should we all slow down and possibly join the so-called “slow movement”?  This social approach toward life was first introduced in 1986 when Carlo Petrini protested against the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in Piazza di Spagna, in Rome.

After years of people lining up for Big Macs and Happy Meals, the urge for better quality (at affordable prices) became more and more of a commodity. 

Offering impeccable culinary experiences, Milan leads as a city full of fine dining restaurants. Lombardy has recently been awarded as the region with the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the nation, which means finding a lavish restaurant to taste gourmet and progressive bites is not that uncommon. Now question is: what experience is really worth having? Entrepreneurs are starting to see the desire people are outgrowing for finding the best value for money.

If you fall into this niche and sophisticated category of people, you might as well keep an eye at these places and tell us all about...

The gastrocratic restaurant

Former chef at Bulgari Milano, Roberto Di Pinto, recently opened Sine: “the Gastrocratic Restaurant.” This is where gastronomy and democracy merge to create something unique and different.

At the corner of busy Corso XXII Marzo and Viale Umbria, big windows face the streets showing a refined but relaxed atmosphere and a total number of 50 seats available in the restaurant, well divided between the main and private room in the back (perfect for bigger groups or events). Consider securing a fun, less ordinary, experience making a reservation for the four-seating table, in the kitchen, to see chefs flipping pots and arranging plates.

Try the tasting menu (5 courses) or a-la-carte dishes to taste the indisputable passion Di Pinto has for bringing his Campania-region origins together with the acquired Milanese roots.  

luxos sine milanoSine Ristorante Gastrocratico

A luxury trattoria

Located right in the heart of the city, in the piazza that gathers the Milanese elite every December 7th, Trussardi alla Scala is well known for serving Antony Berton’s stellar creations.

Yet things are about to change. Tomaso Trussardi was recently nominated as the Head behind the Trussardi food business directly by QuattroR, the group that recently acquired most of the company’s shares.

"My father opened the cafeteria, my brother turned it into a restaurant, my sister wanted the stars. A prestigious choice that did not create economy," says Tomaso Trussardi to Il Corriere della Sera - one of Italy’s most known daily newspapers.

Inspired by Antonio Cannavacciuolo and Heinz Beck that have launched a new culinary format where quality food reaches mainstream at busy locations such as Milan City Life and Vicolungo Outlet,  Tomaso Trussardi is on its way for opening the first “luxury trattoria.”

luxos trussardi scalaTrussardi alla Scala

Democratic Fresh Pasta

This small pasta parlor gives reasons to head to Piazza Greco, situated right in the heart of trendy up-and-coming NoLo district. As part of a bigger plan lead by the Municipality of Milan for offering a more sustainable and quality lifestyle for its citizens, Pasta Fresca Democratica is a small and cosy shop that produces fresh batches of pasta daily.

With a wide array of flours and sauces, people can find traditional pasta recipes that meet any particular food-related needs. Pasta is made with or without eggs, gluten-free (once a week), spelt and much more.

Inspired by nordic and japanese style, the young milanese designer has recreated interiors that are simple and classy with wooden tables, white walls and industrial looking lamps. Facing the main dining room, an open kitchen behind glasses that shows pasta-makers preparing the traditional dishes that can be tasted either to stay or to go.

luxos pasta fresca democraticaPasta Fresca Democratica


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