4 Best Tea Rooms in Milan Featured

 It’s tea time in Milan!

by Lavinia Pisani

Whether you have decided to start 2019 following Dry January, Veganuary or any other detox plan for the month, most likely you are looking for inspirations on alternative places to go in order to avoid boozes and spirits. So here you go the list of the four best tea rooms in Milan to keep your social life happy and healthy (at least for January!)

Bar Luce

That Wes Anderson created the perfect bar he would spend “non-fictional afternoons” writing about fiction is no news. Rising high above Largo Isarco “flatland” (not for long considering the construction plans the city has), the Fondazione Prada’s golden tower shines bright like a lighthouse. One to keep in the horizon when thinking about a creative, stylish and tasty bar to hit-and-stay. Serving everything from soft drinks to juices and infuses, we recommend trying the Dammann green tea selection that, with its fresh and minty notes, will boost your inner energy.

bar luce fondazione prada

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Those who are familiar with Milan, won’t be surprised reading the name of the café that ever since 1817 has baked the finest cakes and pastries that the city has to offer. With its bright and welcoming windows right at the corner of Via Monte Napoleone and Via Sant’Andrea, it is not hard to imagine the number of celebrities, like Giuseppe Verdi, walking past the glass doors of the pastry parlor. Plan for a timeless experience this afternoon and remember to bring the best version of yourself.

cova milano

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Farage Cioccolato

Coming after the golden quadrilateral and hip-and-coming Fondazione Prada’s neighborhoods, cobby Brera could only be next. Enter the sophisticated shop that specializes in chocolate and be dragged into the world of a 17th century French boudoir with mirrors, sofas and rococo velvet armchairs. Predominant colours are white and powder pink that create a unique and relaxing atmosphere right in the heart of Milan.

farage milano

Chà Tea Atelier

If you consider yourself a tea expert (or compulsive collector like myself), head to this quaint little shop right next to Corso di Porta Ticinese. Offering an impressive selection of tea from matcha to red and melange, proud owner Gabriella Lombardi will be happy to guide you through a fine tasting experience, as well as conscious tea choice to share with your inner circle.

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tea atelier


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