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Outside the Schemes in Milan Featured

Milan is getting ready to welcome thousands of fashion journalists and buyers for the Men's Fashion Week.

The industrious city of Milan is once again setting trends for the upcoming Autumn-Winter '19 collection, from January the 11th to the 14th. Gentlemen have your eyes wide open to catch the essentials your wardrobe will be storing soon and beside looking forward to all buzzling shows and events that you will be attending, find inspirations for your dinner plans at these 'ouside the schemes' restaurants. 


outside the schemes cittamani

Smart living has a lot to do with new experiences, including new flavours. Milan’s cosmopolitan allure makes it an excellent place for international cuisine, sometimes blended with local customs. Cittamani, gourmet Indian restaurant, prepares Indian food by using the best Italian ingredients. Only the spices are rigorously Indian, but just one of them goes in each dish, a tribute to the Italian cuisine that Ritu Dalmai (creator of Cittamani) loves and cherishes just like her own. 


outside the schemes tokuyoshi

Yoji Tokuyoshi serves traditional Italian dishes “contaminated” with Japanese culture. Whilst working as sous-chef for Massimo Bottura, Tokuyoshi learned the finest secrets of Italian cuisine, but when he opened his own restaurant in February 2015 (receiving his first Michelin star that same year) he decided to honour the creativity of his native country, using Italian dishes to share stories about Japanese culture.


outside the schemes dimsum

Merchants travelling along the Silk Road would stop in tea houses for a cup of tea, usually served together with small plates of steamed food. These dishes were called dim sum. Today, Mu Dimsum is a place for the modern, urban traveller. From noon till midnight, the restaurant welcomes a variety of guests in a young, friendly atmosphere, with artfully designed wooden furniture (Mu in Chinese) and traditional Chinese food made with certified organic ingredients. 


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