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Michelin Guide 2018: 5 Restaurants in the Milan Area Restaurant Villa Giulia.

Michelin Guide 2018: 5 Restaurants in the Milan Area

The fashionable city’s restaurant scene is studded with Michelin stars.

by Marissa McCloy

A quick panini or after-work aperitivo may seem like the norm in bustling Milan, but the city of haute couture also boasts some glamourous and delectable eats. Discover the cosmopolitan’s culinary side as you indulge in these Michelin-starred Milanese favorites.


“Every good story comes from silence” at Contraste, where every good meal comes from divergence. Escape to the hidden city, and enjoy an exquisite meal away from the noise of bustling Milan in the peaceful ambiance of the restaurant. At Contraste, the menu is not a printed list of dishes, but rather a meeting between the diner and the kitchen. Discuss your dinner with the eatery’s staff, led by Chef Matias Perdomo, who will make suggestions and request accompaniments for your meal.

contraste foodContraste

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Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala

Experience the taste of Milan’s finest cuisine right in the heart of the city: this intimate and elegant restaurant looks out onto the Teatro alla Scala, Milan’s renowned opera house. Trussardi alla Scala chefs apply creative experimentation to traditional Italian dishes, focusing on seasonality to ensure that only the best ingredients are used. In addition to the main menu, Chef Roberto Conti creates the Tasting Menu and the Size Lunch menu, which offers small, regular and large lunches.

Il Ristorante TrussardiIl Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala

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Florian Maison

The Florian Maison Restaurant is located among the village San Paolo d’Argon’s green hills, just outside of charming Bermago. Here, Chef Umberto De Martino embraces his passion for cooking to craft an unmatchable a la carte menu. Pair your Michelin starred meal with the eatery’s impeccable view, and be sure to visit the nearby Monastery of San Paolo d'Argon.

Florian MaisonFlorian Maison

Berton Al Lago

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, the menu offers a superb selection, including ifsh, wines, cheeses and risotto. Enjoy esteemed Italian cuisine in the restaurant’s relaxed, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Berton Al Lago offers not only a generous menu, but also a generous, panoramic view of the beautiful Lake Como.

Berton al lagoBerton Al Lago

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Villa Giulia

Restaurant Villa Giulia is found at Hotel Villa Giulia di Gargnano, which is among the most exclusive luxury hotels on Lake Garda. Savor mediterranean cuisine in the restaurant’s romantic setting with exceptional lake views. Chef Maurizio Bufi carefully selects fresh, high quality ingredients for dishes on the Villa Giulia’s light midday, gourmet lunch, gourmet dinner and gourmet dessert menu cards.

 Villa GiuliaVilla Giulia


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