Milanese Sunday Brunch Featured


Sundays are made for brunch. And here's where you can indulge the best of the bunch in Italy's metropolis.

by Lavinia Pisani

In Milan, this is a fact as you observe locals walking down the sleepy streets to get to the chosen hotspot around noon. Offering a great range of options, in terms of style and food, all of the featured locations have something in common: quality. When thinking about the weekend’s traditional dish, you may have a hard time defining just one. Italy is well-known for having an extensive food offer, that stretches from Southern specialties like parmigiana to Northern ones like vitello tonnato (veal covered with creamy sauce.) Additionally, it is important to consider the culinary openness that Milan has embraced in recent years giving the chance to all kinds of cravings to be satisfied.  

1516628418 capraecavoli

Nestled in the inner court of Villa Reale, Lùbar offers the unique experience to dine in a complete liberty style décor, inside of the museum of modern art and lavish Giardino della Villa Belgiojoso. Food favorites are arancini that are obviously not to miss. A curious choice, if you think about the fact this is more of a Sicilian dish; though it all started in Sicily when three siblings took up the modest street food project and eventually turned it into today’s glam.

The post-industrial design is the distinctive atmosphere that characterises God Save the Food, in hip Tortona district. Merging European with American traditions, the menu features all kinds of eggs’ preparation, fresh juices, salads and coffees.

God Save The Food

Vegan, vegetarian or traditional is the copious buffet brunch offered at Capra e Cavoli. The fresh and tasteful food ranges from pasta, tofu, vegetables, cupcakes, cereals, homemade marmalade, salty quiches and much more. The interior of this fairytale corner, in Isola, shows a predominance of white and green tones that resemble a garden.  

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The name Ostello Bello maybe rings a bell. Considered as one of the world’s best hostels, getting a hold of a room near Duomo, might not be the easiest. However, there is no reason to skip this place entirely, especially considering the typically English brunch served here.

Les Pommes Bistrot presents four prefixed brunch menus: the Scandinavian with lax bagel, the Italian with mozzarella and ham, the American with hamburger and potatoes and the Mediterranean with greek salad & more.

Les Pommes

At the end of an off-the-beaten-alley, in the Ticinese area, Fonderie Milanesi is situated in an old foundry that has changed the look and now features plenty of vintage and artsy objects, that make this, one of the local’s favorites. Lively especially during aperitivo and late night drinks, they also offer brunch served both as a buffet and a-la-carte menu. 

1516628435 fonderiemilanesi

No buffet, nor menu at Pavè pastry shop, close to Central Station. When noon magically arrives, locals park their bikes outside and order from fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and homemade sweets. La Rossa is one of their latest creations; a croissant with 160% of raspberry’s marmalade and crumbles. 

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