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In a seemingly unconvincing passage along Corso Garibaldi in Milan, is a charmingly convincing Japanese restaurant, Osaka.

Perhaps what we love most about this relaxed, authentic eatery is the laid-back atmosphere, the unpretentious decor - rather on the contrary, things are simple, functional and pleasantly intimate. The environment is quiet, with soft lighting and an airy dining space. The menu changes daily with a series of exquisite Japanese specialities, from sumptuous seafood to aromatic side dressing. Chef Ikeda Osamu was born in Japan and after graduating from the Chef Academy in 1987, he ventures to France where he acquired more than 10 years of experience in Japanese kitchens in Paris, including 'Restaurant Osaka'. Guests can expect to experience genuine recipes and flavours of Japanese cuisine, with dishes that will leave you wanting more. Book a table upstairs. 

LUXOS recommends: Grilled fish cheek (sea bream), Exquisite Black Cod* marinated with miso and grilled, Beef cheek cooked in soy sauce and for dessert, the Matcha green tea roll cake.


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Corso Garibaldi, 68, 20121 Milan

02 2906 0678