Bar Basso

If aperitivo has a birthplace, it is Bar Basso.

Probably one of the city's most historic bars, Bar Basso is practically an institution and is frequented by locals of various cultural interests and styles, from the after-work professionals in suits to the hipsters and rugged, urban architects. The historic bar is run by the same family that originally opened it in 1947. As far as design goes, the ambiance translates 'if it works, don't fix it' and they have no reason to do otherwise. Expect a classic, traditional-style bar, minus the fancies. Come Design Week, the place fills up with savvy designers, young aspiring artists and tourists. Everyone comes happy and ready, etither before dinner or well after dinner hours. In a place such as this, it would be wise to order their signature, historic cocktail Negroni Sbagliato served in super size cocktail glasses with handcut ice cubes. Code word: the more, the merrier. There are more than 500 drinks on their cocktail list so nothing you ask for is bound to surprise them; the contrary will prove true. Looking for more facts? Bar Basso is also the first bar ever in Milan to introduce the 'aperitif' theme to locals. The rest really is history. 


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Bar Basso

Via Plinio 39, Milano