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Milano: Gelato For Gelato's Sake Featured

Ice cream, Gelato, Heaven. It’s not a trip to Milan without a couple of scoops of the good stuff.

Read through our LUXOS’ guide to Milan’s most delectable gelato shops.

Il Massimo Del Gelato

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Il Massimo del Gelato aims to please through the comfort of the classics. While many gelaterias attempt to test boundaries by introducing uncommon flavours, this gelateria sticks to the all-time favourites and uses chocolate as a foundation. Apart from their famous chocolatey concoctions, those at Il Massimo del Gelato extend their expertise into the realm of cakes, fruit tarts, and other decadent delights. To satisfy a chocolate craving or to simply bask in the historical ambiance, visit Il Massimo del Gelato in the Corso Sempione area.

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For gelato as light as sorbet and as flavourful as fresh fruit, stop by Pavè Ice Cream for an afternoon treat. This gelateria places a heavy emphasis on quality and care. Production is viewed as a ritual and each ingredient is hand selected, so you know the final product will taste as good as it looks. LUXOS recommends stepping away from your go-to flavour, as the gelateria often updates its menu to include tastes of the season. Pavè Milano, the second location in this three-store series, is known for pastries, breads, creams, and jams, so you if you are looking for something a little more substantial it is a great choice for breakfast or a light lunch.

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La Gelateria Della Musica

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For music lovers with a sweet tooth, La Gelateria della Musica is a dream come true. Music is incorporated into every element of the experience, from the names of the gelato flavours to the performances that take place inside the shop’s walls. A trip to this gelateria is certainly a treat for all of the senses; your taste buds will be tested as you indulge in flavours like basil lemon, dark chocolate with Himalayan pink salt, and baked ricotta. There are also many options available to vegans and vegetarians who have a craving for something sweet. The music you will hear at La Gelateria della Musica is as sweet as the gelato you will taste. Visit their flagship store on Via Pestalozzi.

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