Coffice Milano

Caffeine and quick e-mail on the go, with a side of Milanese comfort.

If you’re looking for a caffeine fix with a twist, visit Coffice Milano. You'll discover a new way to enjoy your morning cappuccino or afternoon pick-me-up, even if that means checking up on some emails or having a quick work call while you're on-the-road. At Coffice, you pay for the amount of time you stay, and everything else comes along with it: a tasty snack buffet, unlimited coffee and tea, high-speed wifi, and more. This colorful, cozy environment is perfect for work and play. You’ll find groups of young professionals working on their creative energy as well as locals who simply want more time to enjoy their coffee while reading the morning paper. Visit Coffice to get some work done or simply unwind. 

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Coffice Milano

Angolo Porta Romana, Viale Emilio Caldara, 1, 20122 Milano

328 269 2771