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For the vegans and health-conscious alike, Mantra is the order of the day. 

Being the first raw vegan restaurant in Milan, Mantra has challenged traditional views on the Italian dining experience. Minimalistic décor and simplistic menu items coincide with the restaurant’s state of mind: eating raw food is not a fashion, but is way to fuel the body and a way of life. Basic ingredients are better, but that does not mean a dish from Mantra lacks in sophistication. Alberto Minio Paluello, who is referred to as a food designer rather than a chef, prepares tomato fondue, pumpkin gnocchi, and coconut and pineapple ravioli in the Raw Lab, where high-quality, raw ingredients are kept fresh and used as elements of a creative process. Guests can visit Mantra for a meal or stop by its market for snacks, superfoods, and cold-pressed juices. 

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Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21, 20124 Milano

02 8905 8575