Rita and Cocktails

Feel right at home at one of the most well-liked, local bars in Milan.

When traveling you will find yourself surrounded by unfamiliar faces, but what if you could enjoy a refreshing cocktail and delectable dish all while being treated like an old friend? As you enter Rita and Cocktails, you will be greeted by one of the “guys”—Fabio, Edoardo, or Gianluca, the barmen and creators behind the lively eatery and thoughtfully-crafted drinks. Rita and Cocktails is known for its reliability—it is listed in the Italian top ten of cocktail bars, and is a go-to place for many locals—and its creative take on the ordinary. The Mano Negra, a twist on an Old Fashioned with strong notes of amaranth orange and an overwhelming smoked flavor—is just one of many options that will take your taste buds on a journey. Since it’s founding in 2002, Rita and Cocktails has expanded tremendously; what was once a tight squeeze overflowing with glassware is now a more open space with a porch and bar top where customers can watch the expertise put into their drinks.

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Rita and Cocktails

Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1, 20143 Milano, Italy

+39 02 837 2865