Milan: Meets & Eats in Cadorna Flickr/Marco Lamberto

Milan: Meets & Eats in Cadorna

The georgraphical centre of Milan, Cadorna is the place to conduct a business lunch, a meet up with friends passing through and to grab a quick coffee and a brioche. Let us guide you to where you need to go.

by Christina Hambi

When passing through Milan's busiest thorough fare it can often be quite difficult, especially when starving, to know where to go for a nice lunch that is comprised of more than a ham and cheese sandwich. But alas, from Asian, to salads, to gelato; we've got you covered. Seek and ye shall find.

Rita e Antonio

Alongside the Teatro dal Verme is a pizza institution, known only among locals who crave a quality pizza. This family-run pizzeria set up its stone ovens back in 1972 and has been crafting Napolitan style pizzas ever since. Start off with fresh pasta dishes to share (try the 'Pasta alle Vongole'), and shift into delicious pizza combinations. Highly recommended in the classic pizza Margherita with anchovies, rucola and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Reservations are accepted and highly recommended so make sure to book a table as the place fills up very quickly; walk-ins are welcome but be prepared to wait during peak hours.

ritaeantonioRita e Antonio, Milan

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De Santis

Locals might say that you haven't tried a sandwich in Milan until you've tried De Santis. Arguable or not, De Santis has a sandwich menu that deserves to be well studied and tried. The combinations are endless, and just as the Milanese have distinct style, so too are the paninis made here. The interiors feature traditional wooden furniture and is somehow reminiscent of a mountain-style restaurant. Grab a seat along the bar table and watch as your sandwich goes from raw material to couture. Order a beer or glass of red wine and may we just say, buon appetito.

desantisDe Santis, Milan


Panini Durini

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Though we just condemned the idea of a sandwich, Panini Durini is a really lovely establishment that has a wide ranging menu. From deliciously put together panini to fresh superfood salads, it's an ideal place to lunch when you don't have too much time. A great location for the lone luncher, you can easily log into the free wi-fi and tap away on your laptop to make it look like you're too busy to make friends. Don't be afraid to indulge into a nice cold glass of pinot grigio too. After all, it's five o'clock somewhere..right?

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It is no secret that the Milanese love sushi. The one thing they seem to be loving more than sushi is Brazilian fusion sushi. This craze has taken Europe by storm and at Temakhino you can delight in some miniature goodness. The tuna and pistachio rolls are out of this world and the Caprinha cocktails are just as good. The fun, bright and vibrant interior makes for a buzzing atmosphere leaving you in a fantastic mood. Located just next to the Malpensa Express Train, it is a perfect pit stop before or after a long journey, or even a business lunch with your work colleagues.

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Ghe Sem 

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Conceived from the idea of Chinese excellence mixed with Italian quality, Ghe Sem is the perfect place for a light lunch in a tranquil atmopshere. Serving fresh steamed dumplings, filled with meat, fish and vegetables, they take their inspiration from both continents and often have italian influenced dishes on the menu. They would reccomend pairing your dumplings with a delectable cocktail and escaping the outside world for a short hour. it is good to know that they also offer a take out service, so if you are looking for lunch on the run you know where to go.

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Mamma Oliva

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For a more Italian vibe at lunchtime, we would reccomend heading to Mamma Oliva. Located on Vicenzo Monti, they serve up real napoletan style pizzas that will have your mouth watering. With delicious, fresh ingredients Mamma Oliva is the perfect mix of modern setting and traditional values. With a large dining space this spot is great if you are a large party. Of course, if you don't fancy pizza, they have a wide ranging menu to satisfy your lunchtime cravings. It would, however, be a shame not to order a few olives to start.

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It wouldn't be Milan, without a gelato. If you're going to have gelato, you have to make sure it's a Venchi gelato. With a history as rich as its ice cream, Venchi has been producing top notch ice cream for decades. Located just on the corner of Cadorna train station, the stracciatella will be calling out your name as you walk past!

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