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Milan's Upper East Side Dining

For the frequent visitor, or even the city native, a good choice of restaurant is essential. LUXOS editors pick their favourite hotspots to satiate your tastebuds from morning until midnight.

by Ife Adedeji and Christina Hambi

God Save the Food

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Whether you’re in need of an energising pick-me-up, or are craving a full meal, the juices and dishes at God Save the Food will taste heaven-sent after a day at Salone del Mobile. The pared-back and low-key setting offer a well-deserved moment of repose in one of Milan’s most attractive piazzas. We love the tuna tartare tacos and the prawn, avocado and almond salad. You can't beat a little something fresh and clean to balance out all the pizza and pasta you've been eating!

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Some may say that you have not dined in Milan if you have not tried A'Riccione and we are compelled to agree. This culinary institution has been around since 1926, and while it has witnessed the evolution of the city's culinary scene, one thing has remained: tried and tested traditional cooking alongside quality ingredients for generations, and counting. Since 1955, A'Riccione has been the seafood establishment for local Milanese. The Grand Plateau Royal is all that it promises to be, paired alongside a rich selection of wines and champagnes on the menu. We recommend a bottle from the region of Franciacorta. Reservations are obligatory. 

ariccioneA'Riccione, Milan

Osteria del Corso

ristorante-milano-osteriadelcorso-26Osteria Del Corso

Popular amongst the locals of Brera, the occasional celeb included, Osteria del Corso serves traditional Milanese food and Italian wines in a warm familial setting.

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Slightly off the beaten path but well worth the detour is this cocktail lounge and restaurant. The famous American steak specialist offers a cosmopolitan dining experience unlike any other venue in the area.

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berbere-pizze-settembre-2015-francesca-sara-cauli -28Berberé

Only the best ingredients will do at Pizzeria Berberé, where gastronomic excellence is executed to perfection and appears in the form of delicious slices of pizza. There’s no other way to enjoy one of Italy’s favourite dishes.

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Les Pommes

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Breakfast here might just be the perfect way to start a design-filled day in Milan. With its effortlessly stylish modern interior, this inviting eatery has a list of offerings that will delight the taste buds while the décor teases the senses.

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Ceresio 7

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Granted, the view from the restaurant alone is impressive, and the interior design by Dimore, too. But at Ceresio 7 it’s actually all about the chef. Elio Sironi specialises in art gourmand to present a menu that’s experimental and absolutely delectable.

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