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Wine O'Clock in Milan

Any visitor to Italy knows that when the sun touches the horizon, and the lampposts light up the dark alleyways, it is time to drop the map and embrace the aperitivo experience. For Italians, it is always a great excuse to catch up with good friends, have a quick date or engage with colleagues. We handpick three charming spots for wine o’clock.



Relatively new to the scene is this small, intimate locale, L’ape, owned by two Neapolitan gentlemen. The music that flows outdoors comes directly from Napoli, and while the owners pour the wine, they cannot help but sing along. Join in, even if it only entails drawing a big smile on your face. Interiors nod to eclectic vintage motifs, to create a wonderful ambience. The aperitivo includes a selection of Italian cheeses and meat, fresh vegetables, home baked quiches and chunky olives. If you’re nice, they may offer you a sample of sweet treats from Napoli.

Via Durini 16, Milan
02 4548 1105


L'Ape on Via Durini 16, Milan

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The area of Via Solferino is one of the popular areas in Milan, dotted with international kitchens and Italian eateries. One of these has been a hit from day one, and while the name is Dry, the scene is anything but. If you’re an early bird to the aperitivo, you’ll be lucky to secure a seat around the various open bar areas; otherwise, it’s each to his own as you mix and mingle ‘a piedi’ with locals. Wines are a sure thing on the menu, but you’re better off trying some of their delicious cocktails. Aperitivo here is more modest, with homestyle crisps, olives and Italian grissini, while the menu offers perfect tasters from their pizza combinations.

Via Solferino 33, Milan
02 6379 3414



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Premiato Forno Cantoni

If you’re out and about, especially during the weekend in this part of town, be sure to visit Premiato, a local neighborhood café and bistro that features old theatre seats and eclectic, vintage furniture. Every morning warm croissants are ushered out of the kitchen while the lunch menu attracts families, business meetings and young, hip clientele. Come weekend, you can soak into a comfortable sofa and enjoy your with breakfast with a magazine, or simply absorb the atmosphere, from the clattering of the coffee cups to the aroma of freshly ground coffee, and the locals' conversations. This is also a great lunch spot if you’re wandering the famous street market on Via Fauchè, held every Saturday.

Via Piero della Francesca 40, Milano
02 3360 3112



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