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CANTEEN Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar CANTEEN Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Top 6 Romantic Dinners in Milan

Impressive Cuisine in Relaxing, Evocate Interiors.


Synonymous for it's connotations of love, Italy is renowed for it's romantic spots such as Venice, Rome and Florence but also in Milan and experience better when shared. Here's where to dine romantically like a Milanese..

CANTEEN Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

If you are looking for an exotic dining experience a little off the beaten track, then Canteen, offering authentic Mexican specialties prepared by David Blanco and his culinary team from Mexico and Peru, is it. Dishes from central, southern and the Pacific coast of Mexico showcase this country's diverse cuisine - which can now be savoured right here in Milan.

 U6A1653CANTEEN Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Via Archimede 10, 20129 Milano, T: +39 025463732

Explore the CANTEEN website

Glauco Seafood Restaurant

With free parking, and kitchen open until midnight, this is a restaurant that has many points of attraction. Flavours of the sea from antipasti through to the mains, with a menu reflecting seasonal availability. Highlights include Glauco’s Fish & Chips, with fried stockfish and vegetables fried in batter, and amazing desserts. Open in the evenings only, closed on Sundays.

IMG 0302Glauco Seafood Restaurant

Via Achille Maiocchi 29, 20129 Milano, T:  +39 0220241973

Explore the Glauco Seafood Ristorante

Don Carlos

A historic restaurant, with vintage-style interiors that exude atmosphere with touches of Verdi to whom the name is dedicated. Cuisine is always at exceptional levels, based on regional Italian recipes and seasonal products. Some of the dishes have a touch of irony in their names such as the dessert ‘Cappuccino forgotten in the fridge.’ Go down into the wine cellar and you will see the remains of an Ancient Roman wall dating back to 250 A.D.

Don Carlos 5okDon Carlos

Via Manzoni 29, 20121 Milano, T: +39.02.72314640

Explore Don Carlos website

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Ristorante Piazza Repubblica

Excellent food that includes the great Lombard traditional favourites, such as the classic veal cutlet, prepared with skill and refinement, in a lovely atmosphere. From September, the menu includes a section dedicated to the Alba white truffle. Fish specialities also feature strongly. Excellent wine list, with many labels available by the glass.

ristorante piazza repubblica milano tartufo tutto annoRistorante Piazza Repubblica

Via Aldo Manuzio 11, 20124 Milano T: +39 0262695105

Explore Piazza Repubblica website

Finger's Garden

An attractive restaurant aimed towards a fashionable crowd, with an oriental feel of subtle lighting for a romantic and intimate evening. At Fingers Garden you can enjoy a range of dished including raw fish options of a Japanese-Brazilian fusion, accompanied by a choice of excellent wines.

fingers finalFingers Restaurant

Via San Gerolamo Emiliani, 2, 20135 Milano T: +39 0254122675

Discover Finger's Garden website

Aromando Bistrot

Refined yet original recipes meets 1960s vintage. Dishes are created with mostly organic ingredients, such as chickpea cream with tuna, figs and grape reduction followed by a homemade ‘torta’, just like Nonna makes. You’ll feel right at home in this quaint setting accompanied with vintage furniture from local flea markets.

13 aromandoAromando Bistrot


Via Pietro Moscati, 13, 20154 Milano T: +39 0236744172

Explore Aromando Bistrot website

Giacomo Arengario

A great location directly at Milan’s Museo Novecento with a view of Piazza Duomo, expect to experience great food and a variety of wines. In a spacious avant-garde setting, you’ll encounter a gallery of artworks on display, with low tables, sofas and couches for an intimate dining experience. 

arengarioGiacomo Arengario

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 1, 20123 Milano T: +39 027093814

Explore Giacomo Arengario website 


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