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The best brunch spots in Milan

Can't wait 'till lunch to sample the best Italian food Milan has to offer? Enjoy the best brunches across the city.

Milan’s finest Sunday brunches have become as much as a ritual as the city’s famous ‘happy hour’ aperitivo, and at their best, they combine superb savoury and sweet Italian with international favourites such as eggs benedict, often prepared to order. A lot of the city’s favourite aperitivo venues also do Sunday brunch, but the three we have chosen below offer an extra special experience. It’s always worth booking in advance and finding out the times: generally from about midday to four o’clock, but it varies.



This Sunday brunch has become famous in the city, in part for the lovely location, one of the rare hotel gardens in the city. There are tables inside or amongst the trees, and it’s very pleasant to just relax with a good cup of coffee after having enjoyed the delicious menu specialities. www.hclub-diana.it

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Unico Sunday


At Unico, you can enjoy a brunch that has something of the traditional ‘Italian Sunday lunch’ feel, served by Europe’s highest Michelin-starred restaurant. In fact, in addition to the delectable menu, you will enjoy the panoramic views from the 20th floor of the WJC tower. www.unicorestaurant.it

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Right in the centre of Milan, Peck’s Sunday Brunch is from 12.30pm to 4.30pm, with a superb menu including ever-present favourites and new recipes developed by the Executive Chef and his team of 40 in the kitchens. Peck is a benchmark for good food in Milan, in Italy and further afield, and its quality is a hallmark of its Brunch. www.peck.it

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1 Sheraton Diana Majestic
2 Unico Milano
3 Ristorante Al Peck