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Essenza Essenza

Milan's unbeatable restaurants for local cuisine

Restaurants that are proudly breaking new ground in Milanese cuisine

There are a lot of things that Milan, in comparison with other Italian cities, doesn’t have. It doesn’t have Rome’s ancient history, Florence’s Renaissance grace or Venice’s irresistible uniqueness. But it is Italy's fastest-changing and most cosmopolitan city - equipped with both sophisticated architecture as well as scrumptious foods. Adding to the glorious mix of old and new are these delectable restaurants serving only the best local foods. Taste all that the ever-changing Milanese culture has to offer with a bite of these pioneering spots.

Ristorante Berton

ristorante-bertonRistorante Berton

Located in the new Porta Nuova Varesine area, the interiors exude modern elegance, with views onto an interior garden through the windows, and onto the kitchen on the other side. Andrea Berton’s menu is brimming with creativity, with superb combinations of seafood, meat and vegetables in beautiful presentations. The tasting menu is highly recommended and provides an eloquent demonstration of why this is Michelin-starred cuisine. www.ristoranteberton.com

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Rebelot del Pont

 LUXOS Rebelot Milan © FacebookRebelot © Facebook

“Rebelot is at the European crossroads between the tradition of the best ingredients and insanity” says owner Maida Mercuri. Rebelot, located in the city's buzzing Navigli zone, is a unique experience based on small dishes made exclusively with seasonal ingredients, in creative menus that take you far from the well-beaten Italian culinary path. A worthy addition to their older sister nearby, Al Pont de Ferr, Michelin-starred. www.rebelotdelpont.com

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In Via Marghera, an area featuring many excellent restaurants, Essenza stands out for the thought that goes into every recipe. Chef Eugenio Boer creates recipes that may be based on traditional ingredients, featuring seafood, game and vegetarian options, but they are all culinary paintings, with imaginative names such as Rice with ash, Broth of chestnut tree and Red deer and its history. www.essenzaristorante.it

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