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The 6 best gelato shops in Milan Gelato Giusto, source: facebook/GelatoGiusto

The 6 best gelato shops in Milan

Chocolate ginger, salted pistachio, gelato sandwiches, vegan delights and more: where to get THE best gelato in Milan.

Since moving to Milan three years ago I've eaten a lot of gelato and I've become quite picky about the stuff. Nowadays a visit to a disappointing gelateria can leave (literally) a bad taste in my mouth and negatively impact what would have otherwise have been a perfectly lovely evening spent with friends or family. I have been informed by my Milanese friends that this is a clear sign I am becoming a little Italian.

For this reason I've agonised over this article way longer than I should have. But here, finally, are my recommendations for the best gelaterias in Milan.

1. Latte Neve

Latte NeveSource: www.facebook.com/pages/Gelateria-Latteneve

This little gelateria only opened in 2014 but since then has seriously impressed with gelato that is made with organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. The chocolate and pistachio flavours are real stand outs, as are the 100% vegan options. Located on Via Vigevano, just around the corner from Naviglio Grande.

2. Gelateria della Musica

Gelateria della MusicaSource: www.facebook.com/lagelateriadellamusica

Located down a ten minute walk down the Naviglio Grande this iconic shop serves fabulous flavour combinations including chocolate with rose and salted pistachio. If you visit on a hot weekend afternoon be prepared for a queue, but it's managed very efficiently and worth the wait.

3. I Gelati di Nanina

I Gelati di NaninaSource: www.igelatidinanina.it

Another relatively new entry on the scene this gelateria near Porta Genova serves a rotating list of flavours made from natural ingredients. They like to experiment with flavours (you may even see savoury options). I highly recommend their delicious version of an ice cream sandwich.

4. Il Massimo del Gelato

Il Massimo del GelatoSource: www.facebook.com/pages/Il-massimo-del-gelato

Located off Corso Sempione this gelato hotspot aims for an old world feel and regularly has queues outside. Excellent for traditional flavours, and the greek yoghurt is very good too.

5. Gelateria Sartori

Gelateria SartoriSource: www.facebook.com/gelateria.sartori

I love this Milan institution not just for the gelato, but because its cute kiosk tucked around the back of the grand Centrale train station that has been open since 1937. The only downside is that you can't get to see all the flavours, but trust me, they're good.

6. Gelato Giusto

Gelato GuistoSource: www.facebook.com/pages/Gelato-Giusto

Gelato Giusto near Corso Buenos Aires uses local sourced milk and all natural ingredients. It generally carries a fairly small number of rapidly changing flavours depending on the season which, when they work, can be sublime.

1 Latte Neve
2 Gelateria della Musica
3 I Gelati di Nanina
4 Il Massimo del Gelato
5 Gelateria Sartori
6 Gelato Giusto