Madrid: A Guide to Gran Vía Featured

Successfully navigate Madrid's most wonderful shopping district with our LUXOS guide.

You cannot visit Madrid without strolling down the Gran VÍa, which is known for its high-end shopping and its prime location in the heart of Madrid’s commercial district. Simply taking a walk down this esteemed avenue is an experience in and of itself because each side of the street is lined with countless boutiques, theatres, cafes, and restaurants that will give you a closer look at the culture and couture of Madrid. Consider adding these activities to your itinerary to get the most of your Gran VÍa experience.  


Treat yourself to a luxurious shopping experience


The Gran Vía is home to many well-known names in fashion, from both Spain and beyond. Among Louis Vuitton and Chanel, you will also find Manolo Blahnik and Cartier. Nearby you will also find luxury brand outlets, like Las Rozas Village, and department stores. If you are looking to leave Madrid with a new repertoire of clothing and a refined sense of style, hire a personal shopper to accompany you as you move from store to store, bags swinging from your arms and a smile spreading across your lips knowing you are investing in the best of the best.

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Visit the Broadway of Madrid 

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The Gran Vía is not only known for its upscale shopping, but also for its theatrical roots. It is often referred to as the Broadway of Madrid and is the perfect location to see a play, stand-up comedy, flamenco, ballet, or even a Cirque du Soleil performance. If you are in the mood to escape to another world and watch a film, walk down to Callao Square, where there are numerous movie theatres. Visit the Palace Press to see a critically-acclaimed film in a 1920s-inspired venue.

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Eat your way through Madrid

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If you are looking for a fine-dining experience and to taste test a variety of original cocktails, there is no better place in Madrid than the Gran Vía. LUXOS recommends Al Trapo if you are looking for traditional Spanish cuisine with a contemporary twist, or Casa 9 Restaurante if you value fresh, market-bought ingredients. If you want to give bar-hopping a try, start at Del Diego, which is said to have the best cocktails in all of Madrid, and see where the rest of the night takes you.

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