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3 Unmissable Things To See in Madrid

If you've been to Madrid many a time, or indeed it is your first, you need to explore some of its lesser known gems.

by Michelle Szabo


Croisement Gan Via-Alcala

On the junction between Gran Via and Alcala Street you will find one of Madrid’s most characteristic buildings, the ‘Grassy Building,’ home to the Grassy jewellery shop since 1952. Decorated with Italian stuccos, frescos and terrazzo floor tiles, their large plate-glass windows show off the different brands of clocks, watches and jewellery that is delicately displayed along with 19th century objets d’art. With its selection of exclusive brands, this is the only place in Madrid you will find such high quality pieces evoking the past and future of this company.

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Royal Palace

1280px-Royal Palace of Madrid view from Sabatini Gardens myspanishexperience com

Inside this late-Baroque building lies a very important piece of Spain's historical heritage. Completed in 1764, this awe-inspiring palace is decorated with ornate tapestries, gold and silver plates, Italian frescoes, colourful mosaics and rooms with walls covered entirely in porcelain reliefs. If you are lucky enough to arrive at noon on the first Wednesday of the month, you will be able to see the ceremonial Royal Changing of the Guards.

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Mercado San Miguel

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One of the most historic markets in Spain, the Mercado San Miguel is surely a place you don’t want to miss due to its vast selection of gastronomic delights, high quality products and an array of activities. The building itself is breathtaking, with its distinctive cast iron architecture. Its bustling stalls aim at offering an assortment of specialities.

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