Justicia, Madrid: a guide

Forget Madrid's usual haunts, the jaunty Justicia districts has the perfect mix of hip restaurants, artistic flourishes and luxurious spas. 

Named after the Ministry of Justice located here, the Justicia district in Madrid is also known as Salesas because of the beautiful Salesian church in Santa Barbara Street. In a few years this area has evolved into the trendiest district of the city.


One of the architectural highlights of Justicia is Palacio de Longoria, a beautiful 19th-century modernist building. The new College of Architects headquarters was refurbished by architect Gonzalo Moure, and it is located in the former Escuelas Pías building.

Argensola Street


Justicia is the place that brings together the largest number of showrooms and the trendiest boutiques. This is why it is considered the fashion district. If you are looking for home design or decor, we can recommend The Interiorlist, a small boutique owned by architect Jean Porsche, with an exquisite selection of furniture and decorative objects. Regarding fashion, Yube is one of the most exclusive boutiques holding international brands both for men and women. Another favourite is Mott, specializing in French-style womenswear. If you are looking for a Spanish brand, don't miss Malababa, with its beautiful women's accessories. You will also enjoy two of the most acclaimed Spanish fashion designers, Jorge Vazquez who has been connected to this district for a long time, and Colour Nude, a relatively new but already well-established brand.


If you want to get pampered, you should try Handmade Beauty, one of my favourite nail bars where you can sip a freshly-prepared smoothie full of vitamins while you are having your manicure! Buying cosmetics is always a maximum fun experience at Apivita, a natural and holistic cosmetic products store that I love.

HandMade Beauty Conde de Xiquena 17 Madrid 5


Justicia is full of hip restaurants. Two of the latest and very successful openings are Dray Martina, a cosy and beautiful restaurant much loved by Madrid´s it-girls, and The Sexto, decorated with contemporary bricks in a New Yorker style. If you are craving Italian food, La Tavernetta is a must-visit, in my opinion one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. Its speciality is Caponata with Burrata, you'll love it! Oliva te Cuida is the healthy option, this small restaurant is always crowded, and it serves the very best organic food. But if on the contrary you have a sweet tooth, you shouldn´t miss Mama Framboise nor its hazelnut croissant. It is one of the best and most delectable bakeries in Madrid.

La Tavernetta


Nightlife is always an exciting atmosphere in Justicia. You can begin with a deliciously prepared cocktail with a gourmet bite, in the famous Le Cabrera cocktail and gastrobar. Valgame Dios is another good option for having dinner or a drink with friends while you watch out for Spanish celebrities. If you want to dance, head to Maculato Club or to Teatro Barceló, formerly Pacha Madrid, the most iconic disco in the city.


Justicia, Madrid, Spain