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This is Madrid’s palace lifestyle.

The Spanish capital is a glittering city filled with culture and history.

Explore the capital of Spain in style with the help of our guide. Madrid's up and coming neighbourhoods have something for every eager traveler. 

Successfully navigate Madrid's most wonderful shopping district with our LUXOS guide.

When the heat gets too  much in Madrid this summer, why not explore Segovia? Make it a day trip to remember with our LUXOS guide.

If you've been to Madrid many a time, or indeed it is your first, you need to explore some of its lesser known gems.

There is something inherently elegant and mystical to the city of Madrid. It is a city that has seen conquests and grandiose visions born, scraped and revived over time, and has been continuously inhabited since the Stone Age. Steeped in myth and legend, Madrid’s past is apparent in the vast and well preserved, architectural cityscapes. Its culture is a derivative of this timeless dynamic, with a pulse and passion that places the Spanish capital at the top of 2017’s must-visit destinations.
LUXOS recommends these unique sites and cultural scenes to make the most of your visit.

Three sights that represent evocative and unusual experiences.

Madrid has its fair share of tablaos (flamenco venues). Cardamomo is one not to miss.

Turn up your collar, dig out your chinos and go and watch some polo whilst in Madrid.