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Food Shopping in Madrid Featured

Bring a piece of Spain back home with you. 

by LUXOS Editorial

Madrid is home to some of the best culinary shopping experiences with gourmet merchants where you can handpick high-quality ingredients from local sources. With this upbeat city being one of the most diverse and inspiring food scenes in Spain, food is the perfect souvenir to bring home from your trip.

Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero

This very special shop belongs to a non-profit foundation with the same name. Its mission is to encourage the consumption of olive oil by letting people know all about its numerous beneficial qualities. It boasts a plethora of beautiful bottles containing more than 150 types of olive oils from all the olive-growing regions of Spain.

patrimonio olivarero 

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Quesería Cultivo

Ethical consumption and respect for regionally sourced products has built up the brand values of this store, which opened in Madrid in 2014. Since then, Quesería Cultivo has carried out its mission: subverting the cheese industry by stimulating artisanal production and promoting excellence. The shop organises several activities and workshops such as tastings and month selections that will make you spend the most delightful time in this perfect spot at Conde Duque.

queseria madrid

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Lavinia is a guest of honour of the Barrio de Salamanca; in this shop you will find a wide selection of Spanish wines and cavas, together with champagne and high-quality international brands from the most famous wine cellars worldwide. In addition, you can find a spirit section and another one dedicated to accessories. The custom-made service of wine experts will plunge you in a fascinating universe full of nuances.

lavinia madrid 

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