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Experience the best of men's style and shopping in the Spanish capital.

by Jessica Bowler


If you’re looking for quality men’s accessories, there are few better places to shop than Fulham, a well-known local favourite with an excellent selection. Here, you can shop the best-known names in men's accessories, including shoes. They offer a mix of simplicity and quality, and you can find top-of-the-line men's fashion here for all sorts of style, especially British and Italian labels. A highlight of the shopping experience is the personalised attention that makes every shopper feel special.

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Glent Shoes

Spain famously makes excellent leather shoes, and there are few better places to buy an authentic pair of them than at Glent Shoes. Here, each pair is tailor-made to the wearer's feet. They also offer belts and leather goods including wallets, and shoe accessories such as socks, shoelaces and creams to keep your shoes in tip-top shape.


Man 1924

Classic fashions are the focus at Man 1924, but that doesn't mean dull by any stretch. The designs are the brainchild of Carlos Castillo, who manages to give traditional styles a completely current twist. Castillo comes from three generations of patternmakers, and the store's name is inspired by his grandfather. Shop for fascinating textures and patterns.

man 1924

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