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Madrid's Most Beautiful Boutiques Featured

With a plethora of local designers and international brands, Madrid's shopping scene is flourishing going into 2018. Home to local artisans, it's boutiques are putting this captial city on the fashion map.

by Catherine Hamilton

Founded in 1997 in Madrid by Ana Carrasco and her husband, Jaime Lara, everything sold at these stores comes from Spain. A prominent fashion accessories brand with over 50 outlets in Spain alone, the brand continually makes headlines in new markets such as the United States, France, Japan, China, Italy and Britain. Although the shop prides itself for the famed décor, the also garner fame from appearing in international fairs and the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Madrid. Today the brand prides itself on quality leather goods, from handbags to shoes to headwear and jewellery, all beautifully made in Spain.

historia malababa

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Madrid In Love
Browse through this interior design shop and explore the space where they host fashion and film shoots as well as major corporate meetings. With all of the products and materials produced in Madrid, some of the nicest shops and restaurants in the city flaunt Madrid in Love’s décor. Some of the store’s signature elements include simplicity, white and light colors, wood and flowers. The company also creates and opens many pop-up shops throughout the year so keep you eyes peeled.


La Intrusa
After a rocky start, three acclaimed partners, Maria Delgado, Roberto Navazo and Andrea Alvarez, successfully opened their shop. Now with two locations, La Inrusa provides the perfect place to find a unique gift or souvenir. They show and offer the work of local artists and independent designers. Browse through and buy anything from the interesting jewelry selections to fashion-forward clothing. Visitors can also purchase the various homeware products, stationary and books.


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La Integral
Not to be confused with La Intrusa, this novelty store also offers handmade products from local designers and artists. Located in Barrio de Las Letras, this quaint and charming shop offers various creations, clothes, books, vinyl records and generally classic yet quirky products. Treat yourself to a unique and authentic gift to remember your time in Madrid. The owners, Maria and Charo, pride themselves on shop that embodies modern yet traditional vibes.


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