The 6 Best Spas In Madrid

Treat yourself to a spa weekend in Spain's capital. We've curated the cream of the crop for you to choose from.

by Michelle Szabo

 Hamman Al Andalus Madrid

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At only a few metres from the central Puerta del Sol, you will find a place of pure tranquillity in the heart of the big city where you can escape from the present world and renew your mind, body and soul. Recreating the Arab baths that existed in Al Andalus centuries ago, this facility provides three thermal waters at different temperatures, providing relaxation and promoting circulation. Between baths and aromatherapy massage, sip on a traditional Arabian drink made with an aromatic blend of green tea and fresh mint and experience a new route to global wellness.

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The Lab Room

Born from the vision of Monica Frown Elie-Jospeh in 2000, in a stylish apartment decorated by interior designer Miguel Domingo, The Lab Room is based on natural therapies using aromatherapy and oriental techniques. With its own unisex skincare line, they are always coming up with innovative ideas incorporating exclusive treatments that deliver solutions to everyday beauty needs.

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The Organic Spa Madrid

Welcome to the first organic spa in Europe, a world leader in beauty products and exclusive therapies. Take a journey through Asia without even leaving the city of Madrid by immersing yourself into true bliss with their selection of oriental treatments and rituals that we’re sure you won’t find anywhere else.

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Close to the famous Puerta del Sol de Madrid, this is one of the city’s most charming wellness centres, where you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing by disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life via one of their manual therapies. In this cosy Japanese-style temple of relaxation, they offer a vast selection of massages, spa treatments and even daily and weekly Yoga and Pilates classes.

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Chi Spa

CHI SPA-tratamientos-corporales-de-Madrid-Miss-and-chic
Located in the heart of Madrid next to the most luxurious shops in the city, you will find an urban oasis dedicated to health, beauty and personal wellness. A unique and privileged space to indulge and enjoy the best selection of therapies in an environment that induces calm and relaxation from head to toe. CHI is universal energy and human life force, it’s the balance of body and mind through the senses, a retreat against daily stress.

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Thai Room Wellness

The services provided are based on Asian traditions, and the search for essence, purity and authenticity. Discover a luxurious atmosphere of Oriental wellbeing, a piece of Asia in the heart of Old Madrid. The exquisite treatments provided by expert Thai therapists help relax your body and provide a deep sense of tranquillity to your mind and spirit.

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