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Bring a piece of Spain back home with you. 

Experience the best of men's style and shopping in the Spanish capital.

With a plethora of local designers and international brands, Madrid's shopping scene is flourishing going into 2018. Home to local artisans, it's boutiques are putting this captial city on the fashion map.


Madrid is a fantastic city for shopping and it seems the Spanish have a knack for creating an exciting consumer experience. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite four but you’ll discover lots more as you walk around the different barrios of this vibrant metropolis.


Senesory shopping and spa experiences run high in Madrid, find out how you can access these exclusive locations with LUXOS.

Visit these three unusual and sophisticated shopping experiences in Madrid, with our LUXOS guide.

Treat yourself to a spa weekend in Spain's capital. We've curated the cream of the crop for you to choose from.

Visiting Spain means you can enjoy the slow-paced living style and take your time exploring the city, tasting the food and getting to know its people. You can also experience the Spanish way of lifestyle at these fine spas across Madrid. 

A scintillating mix of local boutiques and big international brands in two distinct neighbourhoods of the city makes for a particularly interesting Madrid shopping experience.