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Hotel Miguel Angel
Published in Hotels

Spacious stays in one of the best areas of Madrid.

The Oasis Wellness & Spa, Marbella
Published in Things to do

The new spa at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa, 8 km from the centre of Marbella, is a private paradise of Mediterranean relaxation.

Stately Standards, with Hotelier Ezio Indiani
Published in People

Award-winning hotelier Mr. Ezio Indiani shares his take on Milan, and explains why royalty is as much an attitude as it is a title. 

Hotel Indigo Rome - St. George
Published in Hotels

Hotel Indigo Rome - St. George invites you to experience elegance in The Eternal City, and dive right into history.

Grand Hotel Ritz, Rome
Published in Hotels

Take a step away from the bustle of the Eternal City and immerse yourself in an upscale, local’s neighbourhood.

QC Terme Hotel Bagni Vecchi
Published in Hotels


Free yourself from stress amid magical alpine nature in the Bormio Valley

Byblos Art Hotel, Villa Amista
Published in Hotels

Experience a unique artistic journey among the artworks hosted by the hotel.

Bliss At W Barcelona (Spa)
Published in Spend

Enjoy some private time and relax at Bliss Spa

QC Terme Monte Bianco
Published in Hotels

Rediscover your own balance surrounded by the stunning Mont Blanc.