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AC Palacio del Retiro Madrid AC Palacio del Retiro Madrid

AC Palacio Del Retiro

Grandiose hotel in Madrid shines with timeless allure.

by 14 June 2016

Below the towering arcs of the AC Palacio Del Retiro, in the hotel’s façade, resembles a stencil of divinity. The eternal aspect of the hotel continues upon entrance, where a commons area delivers a style that is far more uncommon – black marble walls, lacing the lobby in a deep, stone silence. Once inside, a walk through the Del Retiro feels more like a journey, as character is slowly revealed within the hotel’s soulful mystique.

In appealing persuasion, an original tapestry lures guests up the hotel’s grand staircase. Waiting in distant invitation, are the original, Luxury and Presidential suites; all of which fly far above the usual standard in hotel suites. With reigning views of Madrid, hard-wood finish, lavish king-sized beds and an everlasting fireplace, the suite life achieves immortality in the Palacio Del Retiro.

When weary, rejuvenate in the Palacio Del Retiro’s mystic spa. The treatments feature a wide variety of lulling techniques in relaxation, including; facials, body wraps, massages and therapy baths. Enjoy a pampering that’s given with equal caress possessed by the hotel’s overall design, and fully indulge in the menu from the spa’s restaurant – offering an array of finger foods with a mix of exotic liqueurs.

For more fun, wander over to the hotel’s “Suite Bar”. Encased in boarder of dark, seasoned leather, the Suite Bar encompasses the hotel’s high-class personality; and even more-so with its extravagant concoctions. The Suite Bar also offers a Mediterranean inspired menu - with delicious creations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

AC Palacio Del Retiro

Alfonso XII 14 Madrid Spain 28014

+34 91 5237460


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