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Must-have Dining Experience in Madrid Featured

 From stylish to eclectic, Madrid has something for you

by LUXOS Editorial

Madrid is the heart and soul of Spain, not only from a governmental standpoint but also cultural. As such, the restaurants that are found within the city limit are even more eclectic than one would expect. Navigating between all of these eateries can be a challenge, but a little guidance simplifies and maximizes the process. Madrid generally demands cute but casual dress for its diners, however some restaurants call for more formal attire. This makes an evening out a comfortable but pretty ordeal. Under these guidelines, the options are endless. In Madrid, every cuisine imaginable has been illuminated with a bit of Spanish flare. The best of these options are well defined, as the desire for them is visible through the lines of patrons waiting for a taste. A reservation at any one of these will make for a most delicious night in Madrid.  

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Rustic and refined, Lúa is located just between Trafalgar and Castellana. It has a very good reputation among its customers for its high quality ingredients and internal differentiation. This variety is presented in the form of a gastrobar by the entrance, which serves delicious tapas and the restaurant, which takes on traditional Galician dishes. Chef Manuel Domínguez is the creator of this imaginative restaurant-bar combination.

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Numa Pompilio

Delicious Italian food is served just slightly north of El Parque del Retiro at Numa Pompilio. This restaurant has only one mission: to innovate Madrid's gastronomic panorama. It offers little-known Italian recipes with slight but pleasantly intriguing influences of Spanish flavors. The interior is very cosmopolitan, with majestically classic furnishings and decor. This provides a comprehensive experience, as the surroundings and meal transport one into a refined, Spanish-Italian oasis of fine food and wine.

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This restaurant is just south of Cuatro Caminos. Clos’ opening was one of the most anticipated of the capital this year. Marcos Granda's new project aims to make you feel at home with its meticulous hospitality. This excellent service is paired with a menu of traditional Spanish recipes and a vast selection of wine. For this, the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star. The only way to describe the experience of this Spanish restaurant is to say that is quintessential.  

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Soma de Arrando

Korean chef Luke Jang and his assistant Sungkyun Kim offer a different evening out just west of Malasaña. At a single communal table for 16 people, they present Asian food as well as the methods for preparing it. The open kitchen allows its visitors to watch and learn how they prepare the scrumptious Asian recipes, moments before tasting them. The founder’s idea is to make you feel at home while he serves you.

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Carbón Negro

This more low-key but still inviting and delectable option is located in Lista. Carbón Negro has quickly gained a distinguished reputation in Madrid. Chef Gonzalo de Armas is committed to returning to the origins of traditional cuisine and simple preparation. The large space of Carbón Negro exudes charm and offers entertainment for a truly pleasant evening.

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Kabuki Wellington

Directly outside El Parque del Retiro, there a rather exciting fusion restaurant. Kabuki Wellington is home to Mediterranean Japanese food; such a fascinating concept. This emblematic restaurant, where you can contemplate all the Japanese culinary knowledge on high-quality, local ingredients, offers two levels and a sushi bar . This restaurant is lead by chef Ricardo Sanz and has become a benchmark of the city.

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