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Sophisticated Seafood Dining in Madrid

Even inland, Spanish seafood never fails to delight. 

by Jessica Bowler


Though it may seem strange that one of the best seafood restaurants in all of Spain is located in its capital city, far from any coast, it’s also the truth. O’pazo has been around since 1969, and has been serving the freshest seafood flown in from the shores of Galicia ever since. A sleek new update has added an elegant touch to the restaurant. You can order all types of seafood, from classics like oysters and prawns to more unusual options (think goose barnacles and hake cheeks).


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Located in the upscale Salamanca district, this restaurant not only offers some of the top Galician seafood, but also some other delights of Galician cuisine. The reason the food is so good? They use only the freshest and best-quality ingredients. Spread out over two floors and a terrace, there’s plenty of room to dine inside and out.


El Pescador

Another staple of Madrid's seafood scene, El Pescador also offers fresh Galician cuisine. A must-order: a plate of their signature Galician-style octopus, sliced thin and sprinkled generously with paprika, as well as a serving of their cigalas, or langoustine shrimp. You can also try expertly-grilled fresh fish for a culinary treat.


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