Café Angélica

"Angelica" was initially the first herb store in Madrid, inaugurated in 1948. But when the store was about to close, the brothers Luz and Carlos Zamora passionated by the history and ambience of the establishment, decided to purchase the shop and transform it into a diversified coffee shop, then being born the Café Angelica.

One of the differentials at Café Angelica is that they roast the coffee at the coffee shop - which allows them to have a sustainable project in which they take care of all the people involved in the development, from their grain-to-grain harvest to the roasting phase. All of the coffee at Café Angelica comes from small producers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil. The idea of serving sustainable coffee came from Carlos, one of the owners of the shop. After watching a documentary about the deplorable conditions of coffee production in Ethiopia, he decided that Café Angelica would only serve coffee from small producers and that all its profits would go to co-development projects in Africa, in countries such as Nigeria or Ivory Coast.

Even though coffee is the highlight of the menu, Angelica kept (besides the name) the herbs and spices that brought fame to the store with their original wooden shelves and charm. As for food, the menu offers savory options as the avocado toast and Spanish classics such as el pan con tomate y aceite (bread with tomato and olive oil) accompanied by jamón or queso fresco. You can also delight yourself by savoring their homemade pastries, sandwiches, and salads.



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Café Angélica

Calle de San Bernardo, 24, 28015 Madrid, Spain

+34 910 55 86 61

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