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Madrid's Michelin Star Restaurants Featured

You're never far from your next Michelin star experience in Madrid. Use our LUXOS guide to find out where to go.

by Michelle Szabo


Gaytan Beetroot T

Chef Javier Aranda, a third generation restaurateur, trained with some of the most prominent chefs throughout Spain and was awarded his first Michelin Star at the age of 26. Born with culinary and conceptual ambition, Gaytan is a tribute to its true roots and a nod to his grandfather Pedro who inspired him to become a Chef in the first place. With a few more than half a dozen tables, strategically placed around the kitchen, guests can fully enjoy a true culinary experience without barriers watching all his creations come to life right before them.

LUXOS Recommends: Deer, beetroot and tamarillo accompanied by a glass of Rompesedas 2007

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La Terraza del Casino

La Terraza del Casino RT NH casino-de-madrid 062

Open since the end of the 1990’s, La Terraza del Casino boasts two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns and three M by the Metorópoli Guide. It is helmed by Chef Paco Roncero. It’s avant-garde fine dining, in which Paco Roncero uses some of the most advanced techniques and culinary trends of boundless creativity, sensitivity and innovation.

LUXOS Recommends: Tasting Menu with its famous tapiplatos which are a constant surprise.

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/M (Barra Eme)

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We were so amazed with this concept that we had to include a second restaurant created by Chef Omar Malpartida. /M is a modern venue that blends Latin American street food with innovative Peruvian cuisine. It's an unpretentious gastronomic experience that allows guests to socialise all at one large table, seating up to 30 people, with two chefs cooking right before their eyes.

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Punto MX

Punto MX CREPES DE CAJETA.RodrigoVazquez

It’s no surprise that they were the first European restaurant in the world serving Mexican cuisine to be awarded a Michelin star. Chef Roberto Ruiz creates all his dishes mixing modern and ancient techniques resulting in authentic flavors and a constantly evolving concept using only organic produce. If that wasn’t enough, they are the only restaurant preparing handmade organic corn tortillas using the nixtamalisation process, in addition to having the first MezcalLab in Spain; a space with the largest selection of mescal in Europe creating signature cocktails that are sure to cure the pains of the soul.

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