Get to Know: Nam Van Lake, Macau

Explore the marvellous Nam Van lake when you take a trip to the bright lights of Macau.

by Chris Tsai

Surrounded by some of Macau’s celebrated hotels, such as Hotel Lisboa, Wynn and MGM, the artificially-built lake is much more than just a tourist attraction. Many of the city’s time-honoured festivals and celebrations take place at Nam Van Lake, which used to be part of the natural bay before landfill gave it its modern shape. From here, you can see the Macau Tower, and the Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho bridge.

Anim’arte Nam Van

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If you happen to be in Macau on a weekend, stop by at this lakeside area and browse the craft market offering locally-designed products. You might also come across an interesting art exhibition, and you can get to know Macau’s vibrant cultural and creative communities through their workshops.

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Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre

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Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre hosts International Dragon Boat Races every year. The lake provides an evocative backdrop for the annual competition that combines traditional Chinese customs with the thrill of sports.

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Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain

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By night, the lake transforms into quite another spectacle with the Cybernetic Fountain that puts on a a great show of water and lasers. How great? Over 80 spouts and more than 280 beams will not disappoint.

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