3 Cool Things To See In Macau

Squeeze some of these cool sights into your schedule the next time you visit Macau.

by Howard Lam

 Concerts, shows and festivals fill Macau’s event calendar. Few visitors come here just to take a stroll, but that’s exactly what you should do. Imagine wandering through the historic centre after the madding crowd is gone. Hear your footsteps echo through the mosaic-clad squares and cobbled streets, and witness Macau’s spirit come to life.

Portuguese architecture

1francisco anzola

Head inside one of the majestic Jesuit-built churches or the 19th century Dom Pedro V Theatre in the historic centre to admire a panorama of Portuguese architecture through the ages.

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Chinese temples and houses

3francisco anzola

Besides the pocket-size Na Tcha Temple tucked behind the Ruins of St. Paul and one of Macau’s three largest Buddhist temples, Kun Iam Tong, Macau’s by-gone era can also be witnessed at Mandarin’s House.

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Art exhibitions


Don’t miss Macau-based, Siberian-born artist Konstantin Bessmertny’s solo “Ad Lib” which ends on 28 May at Macau Art Museum. Here, another interesting exhibition includes “Love of Macao” showcasing images by Macanese photographer Lee Kung Kim (1930-2015).

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