Flavours of The Far East in Macau Featured

Classic chinese cuisine, flavoursome dim sum and fresh fish, Asian dining is diverse and full of variety. Here's where you can sample of the Macau's finest far east dining.

by Howard Lam

Lotus Palace

Offering so many regional specialities, Chinese cuisine has something for everyone. Lotus Palace is without a doubt a crowd pleaser. Fresh seafood such as Hong Kong-style tire-fried garlic and red chilli crab is a favourite here, while a wonderful spread of fresh ingredients for a hot pit is great for groups. Book one of the four private dining rooms for special occasions.

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Canton's dedicated wine tasting area backed by a wall of the best labels tells you that this is not your usual noisy Chinese restaurant. Instead, this is a place for those looking for a quiet chat over good food. What's more is that you can have the sommelier take care of everything by pairing each dish with a different wine for a full-on gourmet experience.

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North's stunning red décor prepares you senses for tantalising experience on the spicier side of Chinese cuisine. See the chef prepare hand-pulled noodles from scratch in the open bar, while savouring the colourful dishes packed with spice and hear. Embark on a unique culinary journey to the Sichuan province and beyond.

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Golden Court

The combination of seafood and wine is something of a pleasant surprise at Golden Court. Eighteen fish tanks provide a clue to this Cantonese restaurant's specialty, in addition to an excellent cella recognised by Wine Spectator and China's Wine List of the Year. Try the steamed scallops or shrimps, and Golden Court's curry wok-fried crabs are not to be missed.

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Dynasty 8

Private dining rooms named after eight important dynasties in Chinese history evoke a classic dining experience here. Chef Yap's culinary techniques reflect exactly this: one of the most traditional ways to prepare live seafood is to lightly poach it with a rich, homemade broth and serve immediately. Ask the server for the best catch of the day.

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Zi Yat Heen

This Michelin-starred restaurant is one of the best places to try a Chinese-style tasting menu, a special treat even for the pickiest of foodies. While you can pair your dishes with champagne or wine, the tea selections here will without doubt take your gourmet experience to new heights, whether you come for a relaxing dim sim lunch or special dinner.

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