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Whether you're just visiting or have lived here all your life, chances are you haven't yet experienced all the culinary delights Macau has to offer. Make every meal and mouthful count with our guide to the best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the glittering city of Macau.

Café Honolulu

honoluluFreshly baked bun

Every Hongkongese who visits Macau makes a point to go for a Macanese-style pork bun or freshly-baked Portuguese egg tart. The problem is that all the good places have a long queue, and you will have to order take-out to avoid the crowd. For a comfortable place to sit, head to Café Honolulu for its famous bites, but what’s truly great here is the strong creamy coffee, a wonderful treat after all the sightseeing you will be doing. www.cafehonolulu.com

Restaurante Tou Tou Koi

ttkTou Tou Koi  

While Tou Tou Koi specialises in seafood, don’t overlook other dishes that are just as popular here. Besides golden crab cakes made with freshly-caught crab and prawn, the succulent yet crispy barbecue pork, as well as its signature steamed chicken served in a bronze platter are great Cantonese classics that never fail to please. www.jinyuexuan.com


TENMASA-01Tenmasa Interior

Tenmasa takes the Japanese staple, tempura, to a whole new level. The expert chef dips sashimi-quality fish, shrimp and other premium ingredients into the batter, then gauges the progress of the frying process by listening to the sound of the oil and testing with long metal chopsticks. Tenmasa uses high-quality batter and oil to guarantee the lightest possible flavour without any greasiness. Reserve seats by the counter to see the chef in action. www.altiramacau.com


PrivéPrive interior

What to do mid-week? You don’t have to save your special dining experience only for the weekend, as the chef’s table at Privé is waiting for you. Exclusive yet romantic, diners in-the-know appreciate the French restaurant’s tasting and à la carte menu, with the freshest ingredients flown in from France and then prepared tableside. A feast for the eyes and the palate, Privé takes your reservations Wednesdays to Sundays. www.sofitelmacau.com

Ristorante il Teatro

ristroranteilteatro1 new 20Ristorante Il Teatro Interior

Ristorante il Teatro’s private elevator whisks you to an otherworldly dining experience. Take your seat in a wraparound booth or on the balcony where you can gaze upon the Performance Lake. Expect nothing less than a touch of theatrical and culinary flair, as you start with a seafood salad, then move on to a creamy risotto or indulgent black angel hair pasta with fresh red prawns. www.wynnmacau.com

The Kitchen

The-Kithcen---Interior-ShotThe Kitchen Interior

Not every steakhouse is the same. The Kitchen, as its name suggests, offers something for every palate. The best cuts of meat from Japan, Australia, the U.S.A. and Holland, along with fresh sushi, seafood and lobsters from the restaurant’s own tank, create delicious combination of surf and turf. Meat and fish enthusiasts will also love The Kitchen’s homemade desserts that are well worth saving room for. www.grandlisboahotel.com

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