Unique luxury shopping boutiques with exotic interiors.

Treat yourlself with the elegance and comfort at this oasis of hospitality.

Discovered by the Portuguese explorers in the 16th century, Macau’s many historic symbolisms extend to its shopping scene.

Macau does not just offer culture, it is also a popular destination with sensational shopping.

Experience Macau's dynamic and international side with different cuisines from around the world.

Take a break in between sightseeing or shopping and indulge in afternoon tea in Macau.

Watchmakers Breguet have collaborated with The Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge for a Royal afternoon tea.

With a cuisine as colourful as it's streets, Macau has embraced dishes and flavours from the around the world to create an influential and experiential dining scene.

Classic chinese cuisine, flavoursome dim sum and fresh fish, Asian dining is diverse and full of variety. Here's where you can sample of the Macau's finest far east dining.

Relaxing isn't just about resting your mind but awakening your senses too. Come away from one of Macau's top spas feeling rejunevated, refreshed and ready to head into a new month.