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Best Places to Run in London Featured

 Pack your sneakers for the best places to run in London.

by Ann Bargstedt

Winter has released its grip on London and the sun is actually becoming a regular presence in the city that is known for its clouds and rain. This means it is time to head to the streets of London for a jog that will lift your spirits, both with the influx of gorgeous weather and endorphins. Whether you prefer a competitive, athletic setting or something more scenic, you will be able to run like the wind in London. Find your new favorite route among these which are so hallowed.

Royal Parks

The Royal Parks are spread out all over London, with a total of ten parks. Make your way past the Peter Pan statue and the fountains that make up the Italian Gardens in the Kensington Gardens or around Duck Island in the middle of St James’s Park Lake. Each park has its own tributes to the history and beauty of the United Kingdom that will peak your interest more than well enough to keep you moving.


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The River Thames

Since the River Thames has the longest running natural river path in all of Europe, measuring at a total of 296 kilometres, you will have to choose which portion to take on during your run. You can opt to take in the Tower of London, the London Eye, or even the House of Parliament to name just a few of the possible sites you could make your way past along the River Thames, which extends across the entire city from West to East.


Wimbledon Athletics Track

Take your place alongside world class athletes at the Wimbledon Athletics Track. With state-of-the-art facilities for optimal exercise, you will find yourself in the perfect position to run around and around the club’s outdoor track. This can all be found in southwestern part of the city in the area known simply as Wimbledon. With a view of the Wimbledon Park Lake, you will be able to spend hours in this athletic wonderland.


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Regent’s Canal

Arching across the northern part of London you will find the Regent’s Canals. These were built between 1812 and 1816 and since then have become an anomaly of the city. Away from the mainstream attractions of London, you will find places like Little Venice and King’s Cross along the banks of the Regent’s Canal. The 13.8 kilometre stretch makes for an adventure of a jog.


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Just in case the sun is not shining

The southeastern section of London is home to the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Here you can find a well kept indoor track among other facilities for physical fitness. Rain or shine, you will be able to run until your mind, body, and soul is content. The indoor track measures at 110 metres long and 10 metres wide and is accompanied by a 60 metre Tartan track. The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is ready and waiting to host your workout of choice in the case of unfavorable weather.


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