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Hot Spots for London Fashion Week Featured

Because London Fashion Week isn't just about fashion...

by Naomi Vakharia

As London Fashion Week kicks off, the city will be packed with celebrities, bloggers, and fashion fans alike. To navigate through the hectic and exciting week, LUXOS provides you with a full guide for the best places to visit, dine, and experience.

Morning Kick Off

Start off the day at the cosy brunch spot: Flour to the People. Known for its sourdough bread, this cafe is recognisable for its homemade ingredients. From butter to beans, almost everything is made in-house, ensuring a unique dining experience. Whether you are craving a typical English breakfast or something more contemporary, this spot will be sure to have it all.

english breakfast

Afternoon Adventure

After a nice, traditional breakfast, head over to the Maddox Gallery to enjoy some of the exhibitions on display. One of the most notable exhibitions occurring until the end of February is the “Love and Other Crimes” exhibition. Displayed throughout Valentine’s Day, this exhibition showcases works from Banksy, The Connor Brothers, Damien Hirst, and other recognisable artists. This exhibition features the artists’ interpretations of love through multiple, diverse mediums and is worth checking out.


It’s not a trip to London without stopping in for tea. The place to unwind and enjoy a cuppa is Maison Assouline. Founded for the sake of cultivating luxury and culture, this bookstore turned library turned bar is the epitome of exquisite, antique, and tasteful. With each detail of interior design thoroughly taken into account, this atmosphere is perfect for an afternoon tea break. Lounge on the stylish couches and enjoy artisanal tea or novel cocktails from Swans Bar, located within the store itself.


Winding Down, Dining Out

As the day begins to slow down, the best option for dinner is The Greenhouse. Recognisable for its tranquil atmosphere, this two michelin star restaurant is the recommended location for an evening to remember. With an amazing façade lined with trees, this French restaurant is one of the finest dining experiences in London. Be sure to reserve a table as this place will surely be booked, as most want to experience the lovely interior design and the exquisite cuisine.

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Drink Up

Finally, the day is over and the night is still young. Head over to The American Bar for some of the best cocktails in the entire world. This bar has consistently been awarded the World’s Best Cocktail Bar and it lives up to the fame. Located at The Savoy Hotel, The American Bar is stocked with famous art, live music, and unique drinks. It sets the mood and creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the eclectic nature of mid-1900s America. With notable bartenders and unique menus, this place is a sure hit.


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