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Happening this Fall in London Featured

Short days, grey sky, cold temperatures, London still winxs the hearts.  

by Ife Adedeji

Spending time in the U.K.’s capital during the cooler months of the year allows you to explore a different aspect of this marvellous city, don’t be afraid to set off on outdoor adventures that will reveal some of the capital’s well-hidden gems. Enjoy late night museum openings, which open up the mind through immersive installations, engage in debates with international speakers at one-of-a kind festivals or simply relax in some of the world’s best restaurants with unrivalled rooftop views of the bustling metropolis below.


7 November 2018


Known as the festival of lights, Diwali or Deepavali is an annual religious celebration that takes place around the world as Hindus, Sikhs and Jains rejoice the triumph of good over evil. The event marks the beginning of a new year with festivities lasting five days. It gives British nationals of Indian origins the opportunity to gather and enjoy one of the most important dates in their calendar. Organised with support from the Mayor of London, Trafalgar Square hosts fireworks displays, performances, with traditional Indian delicacies on offer as well.

DO Diwali Festival KhokarahmanDiwali Festival Khokarahman

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London Jazz Festival

16 – 25 November 2018


Enjoy a mix of world-class artists and emerging stars as they take to different stages across the capital. This 10-day event encourages an ever-growing audience to discover new talents and be dazzled by the impressive line-up.

EFGLJF17 Day 10 Jaga Jazzist RFH Emile Holba 24Jaga Jazzist © Emile Holba

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Magical Lantern Festival

November 2018 – January 2018


Held from November through to January, the Magical Lantern Festival is a spectacular event that treats visitors to a visual feast. Fantastical illuminations and sculptures take over Chiswick Park House and Gardens, making it a wonderland for children and adults of all ages.

32857708356 dcc4818a66 oMagical Lantern Festival

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Southbank Centre Winter Festival

8 December 2018 – 6 January 2019


The annual Southbank Centre Winter Festival is a great way to entice the entire family outside during the cool winter nights. With markets and lively pop-up performances taking place along the famous banks of the river Thames, there’ll be very few events that will be able to top this attraction.



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