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Ex-Nihilo perfumes. Ex-Nihilo perfumes.

Make your Marque

Embark on a fragrant journey, exploring London's premier perfumers.

by Victoria Gill

Roja Parfums

The perfume journey to creating your scent with Roja Dove (aka the world’s finest nose) can span years - so passionate is he about finding the fragrance that fits, that you can discover your scent via a two-hour long consultation or simply through his website, by answering questions to discover the perfume for you.

Roja Dove

Perfumer H

Discover your scent with one of the world’s greatest perfumers. Lynn Harris founded the renowned brand Miller Harris, now she’s extending the personal touch with Perfumer H in Marylebone - take a fragrance consultation with one of her perfumers in store, adapt one of Lynn’s signature scents in a two hour consultation or take a bespoke journey to make a marque that’s entirely yours.


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Experimental Perfume Club

This perfume laboratory dedicated to designing evocative scents welcomes enthusiasts on a voyage of olfactory discovery via personalised journeys through the perfume-making process. With a team of perfumers always in situ, they work with some of the world’s leading brands, host workshops and offer dedicated one-on-one customisation days dedicated to creating your own personal marque. Experiences can be chosen anywhere between one hour and full day consultations.



This Parisian alternative perfume house is dedicated to creating personalised fragrances and collaborating with emerging creative talents. Their micro-laboratory at Harrods offers a sensory journey through base scents from Bourbon Vanilla of Madagascar to Rose of May from Grasse – bottles can be bought bejewelled; the fragrances are indelible.

ExNihilo 01

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