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Wellcome Collection

Marvel the exquisiteness of everyday beauty at the Wellcome Collection. 

If you catch yourself wondering about memory, love, miracles, medicine, identity, or other facets of the human condition, then Wellcome Collection, a museum that places curiosity at the centre of every exhibit, is an unmissable experience. Take a walk through galleries that mix contemporary art with scientific understandings to create an experience that reframes conceptions of the mind and body. Marvel at the meaning of life and death, the exquisiteness of everyday beauty, and the link between madness and modernity. With both permanent and travelling displays, the Wellcome Collection is a far cry from the horrors of unchanging, dusty rooms the word museum might inspire. An afternoon here is barely enough time to appreciate the beauty and history contained within this incredible menagerie of curiosities.

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Wellcome Collection

183 Euston Rd, Bloomsbury, London NW1 2BE, UK

+44 20 7611 2222