A Summer Day of Sightseeing in London Featured

London is a bustling metropolis with plenty of exciting events and must-see destinations. If you're unsure of what to do or where to go, we recommend that you spend a day this summer exploring London's history and culture at some of our favourite summer exhibitions and locations. 

The Globe Theater

globe stage

The words, to visit or not to visit the Globe Theater, should never be uttered. If you are in London, the Globe Theater is a required destination. Steeped in history and language, the Globe held the first performances of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, As You Like It, Hamlet, Measure for Measure, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra. One popular misconception about The Globe Theatre is that only Shakespearean performances take place there, but it is also the site of contemporary works written by playwrights Ben Johnson, John Fletcher, and others. Although the present-day Globe is a recreation of the first Globe built by the Lord Chamberlin's Men, architects and designers made it as historically accurate as possible. If you lack time to watch a performance or want to know more about the Globe's history, the scenic grounds and exhibitions offer a peek into Elizabethan England and the life of the man who changed Western understandings of theatre.

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Diana: Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace Exhibition


A fairytale wedding, the people's princess, and a tragic accident. Princess Diana is the cultural and fashion icon of her generation. Her story is one that inspires movies, conspiracy theories, and artistic creations. Take some time and explore the Princess of Wale's style and life through her clothing at the Kensington Palace Exhibition. See the dress she wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House, a recently re-discovered blue tartan Emanuel suit originally worn on an official trip to Venice, and other pieces essential to her wardrobe and story. Learn how Diana transitioned from a humble commoner into the elegant Princess of Wales. Later, feel free to walk the grand hallways, visit other exhibits and learn about other royal histories. Be sure to stop at the Kensington Gardens and the Sunken Garden, a frequent haunt of Diana's when she still lived in the palace.

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The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains at the Victoria and Albert Museum (13 May - 1 Oct)

Dosya The Pink Floyd Exhibition Their Mortal Remains 5

Explore the story of the group Pink Floyd in an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Described as psychedelic, sonic, and brilliant, the rock band Pink Floyd entered the British music scene in the 1960s and brought with them daring attitudes, fresh perspectives, and music indicative of the 1960s. The group pushed against traditional conceptions of performance and tested the boundaries of sound, style, and theatrics. In the summer of 1969, Pink Floyd played at the Royal Albert Hall and became banned from ever entering again because they threw a giant pink smoke bomb that was deemed too risque for the venue--the ban was later retracted. In true Pink Floyd fashion, the exhibit plays with auditory, visual, and other sensory modes of expression. Many of the items featured in the exhibition are on loan from the band members themselves, and offer insight into group members' private lives.

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Wildlife Photographer of The Year at Natural History Museum (Exhibition Until 3 September)

10Photography by Gideon Knight, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

In a busy day of sightseeing or travelling, it is nice to take a break and slow down. Every year, London's Natural History Museum hosts an exhibition displaying photographs of animals and the natural environments. The exhibition is a perfect place to relax and lose yourself in images of the planet we call home. Intimate, powerful, moving, and sometimes whimsical, the pictures provide a glimpse into a world that humans often miss in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. An image acts as a visual poem, and the photographs in this exhibit evoke feelings of awe, wonder, sadness, and a deep appreciation for the natural environment. Once you have your fill of photography, there are many other rooms and displays to visit and explore.

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Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

pharmacy 1466674 1920

The Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is not your average high school history lesson. If you walk through the display cases of brown and gold bottles with faded lettering on the side, you can trace the development of modern medicine all the way from the 16th century. With rooms full of adventure stories and scientific as well as mystical objects, an afternoon here is the perfect way to delve into history.

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