Blackfriars Bridge, City of London, England Blackfriars Bridge, City of London, England © Diego Mathias

London's largest ever time lapse video

Lapse London brought together more than 40 photographers to create the stunning collection of images. A day in the life of London.

A crowdsourcing project has seen London's best and most enthusiastic photographers collaborating in London's largest time-lapse video to date.

Time-lapse photography equipment company Triggertrap, created the video by combining 80 different clips by splicing together over 350,000 different photographs shot in locations all over the British capitol over nearly 40 hours. Shot on a beautifully clear day the clips include some of London's most iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the Thames Barrier, as well as Borough Market and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

In an interview with The Independent, CEO and Co-Founder of Triggertrap said the inspiration behind the project came from wanting to make photography and videos more collaborative projects. "I always thought about photography as an exciting art, but you spend most of the time on your own and it isn't really a collaborative thing. So I thought wouldn't it be cool if we got everyone together and created a time-lapse love story to London."

The initial challenge came with choosing the locations to include in the video, as professional time-lapse photographer Chad Gordon Higgins told The Independent: "I did fear that we would end up with 40 shots of the London Eye, but it was great to see that everyone did scatter across London and it was exciting to see different photographers capture London through their eyes.

The project has already received much praise from social media forums and Triggertrap is planning similar projects in other cities in the future.