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Women’s General Space Women’s General Space © Mark Blower for Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market


Dover Street Market, the experimental multibrand chain where streetwear meets luxury. 

by Sara Kaufman

In 1969 the visionary fashion designer Rei Kawakubo put all her creativity together and gave birth to one of the most sensationally conceptual and avantguard brands ever seen: Comme des Garçons, which still continues to amaze today.

In 2004 Rei Kawakubo opened her first concept store in Dover Street, Mayfair. True to her unique vision of the world, the store stocks the most artistic and innovative fashion collections from all over the world. Eckhaus Latta, Balenciaga, Margiela, Proenza Schouler and of course Commee des Garçons, join forces with many others creating a page for fashion lovers.

The store has recently moved to Haymarket and, after Ginza, New York, Singapore and Beijing, it has just taken over LA.


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Dover Street Market

18-22 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4DG, UK

+44 20 7518 0680