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Ridgeview Wine Estate. Ridgeview Wine Estate.

English Sparkling Wines

The flames of London love can be fanned through England's finest sparkling wines.

by Victoria Gill

Ridgeview Wine Estate

In the picturesque village of Ditchling the bright summer sun sparkles upon the Ridgeview vineyards and cool, crisp winters breathe optimal climates for producing this sparkling, derived from the Champagne grape. Darling of the British political and royal establishments, Ridgeview’s renown is reaching across the globe. Their 2013 Blanc-de-Noirs is a work of art. Sample the full bouquet on a tasting trip to the Ridgeview Estate.


Henners Vineyard

A pedigreed English vineyard formed by a French ex-Formula One engineer, the dedication to classic Champagne grapes and production techniques in a spellbinding Sussex location has earned this boutique vineyard numerous awards. With French accents mingling with British flavours in each bottle aged for four years, Henners delights the palate and fires the imagination.


Wiston Estate

Hand-picked on the South Downs and grown on a chalk escarpment similar to the terrains found in Champagne, Wiston Estate grapes are sustainably grown in this boutique family vineyard. Passionate about viticulture and boasting ecology as its ethos, Wiston’s bouquets are subtle, fruity and utterly fragrant - a perfectly crisp accompaniment to a warm summer’s day.


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Coates and Seely Vineyard

In short supply and high demand, Coates and Seely’s NV Rosé is the recipient of multiple awards and a fixture among the British Social Season. You’ll find this rosé and English summer fruit-infused bouquet being sipped on lawns across the land, from Goodwood to the Cotswolds. The house vintages come with such collector’s acclaim that they’re in short supply, high demand and unrelenting fashion.


Hambledon Vineyard

The oldest vintner in this burgeoning sphere, Hambledon’s vineyards stand on the chalky slopes of the Sussex South Downs. Their wines have been served on the QE2, English diplomatic and royal engagements worldwide, and at the Houses of Parliament. The Hambledon Classic Cuvee is fresh and fruity, creamy and complex, and infused with the scent of magnolia, wild strawberries and lemon, embodying the essence of British summer.

Hambledon range

Albury Organic Vineyard

Albury has it all - certified organic, its vintages have a legacy of selling out even before the season ends. This biodynamic vintner situated in the Surrey Hills garners dozens of awards for its handpicked grapes fermented after years to comprise award-winning Cuvees and its highly drinkable Silent Pool Rose.


Camel Valley

Cornwall’s Camel Valley Pinot Noir has garnered a plethora of awards and fanfare among oenophiles across the land for its uniquely British taste and fruity, aromatic salmon-tinted Pinot Noir rosé. Explore the West Country’s finest vintages on a wine tour or simply in the luxury of your hotel room.



Among the most acclaimed, not to mentioned pedigreed, of English vintners, Nyetimber’s a fashionable favourite for its emphasis on red fruits, delicate sparkles and honey notes. Among the most collectable, not to mention renowned, of English vintages, grapes are grown and handpicked on Nyetimber’s Estate for its award-winning wines.

Nyetimber Rose

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