Shop at LN-CC, a London concept space that has everything from books and magazines to some of the world's hottest trends and designs.

The Late Night Chameleon Cafe (LN-CC), lies behind an unmarked, unassuming door. Easily missed, this unique and trendy shopping destination is one of London's must-visit locations. Meant to be a 3-D representation of the internet, LN-CC is an always-evolving concept space that morphs and changes depending on the different fashion trends. LN-CC has difficult-to-find fashion items, collections by top designers such as Vetements, Alyx, Fendi, and Y-3 as well as other pieces. Along with the fashion offerings, LN-CC has a club, gallery, and bookshop with hand-selected counter-culture books and magazines.

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Late Night Chameleon Cafe, 18-24 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2EZ, UK

+44 20 3174 0744